Monday, July 17, 2017

Fake News - What it Truly Is

FAKE NEWS! - The latest, look over there, something shiny MK slide.

This Mk Ultra Girl grew up with a father whose hero/ guru/ colleague was Marshall McLuhan. Whenever us kids responded to an ad we had seen or heard, my father was quick to slam dunk our wish to believe whatever they were trying to sell. Nothing was free. Nothing was true. Media itself is a lie. The medium is the message.

In grade 5 (which would have been grade 4 for everyone else, since I skipped it), we were tasked with an assignment to write a project on a famous person. I picked Marshall McLuhan, since my Dad knew him. My Dad loved this idea since it would draw him closer to his idol.

There I was, some weeks later, sitting in our car beside Marshall McLuhan in the back seat of our family car. I asked him, "why are you famous?"

Silence. He stared straight ahead while I sat right beside him and he did not answer me. Interview was over. I do remember, however, that a very negative, dark energy gripped the whole car while he pulled this stunt on me.

My opinion now?: he was a satanic high priest of the Jesuit order and he was, in fact, showing me and telling me why he was famous. They are required to tell you what they are doing in order to gain your consent right? That is what MM was doing, IMO.

I am sure that won't go over well with the it crowd of LLL (liberal, lefty, luciferian) metrosexual ad execs and illuminated literati of Canada. Did that ever stop me?

ANYWAY.. back to nowadays.. Fake news is and has always been, fake news. It is all fake. I thought you knew that.

Truth in Advertising - fake. It is a joke. No such thing. Ever.
Honor among Thieves - fake. Bertolt Brecht wrote the line in sarcasm.
The Revolution will not be Televised - fake. see truth in Advertising.

Handy Tips to get your facts straight:

Do not dismiss any news site/ publication for useful information. Even the most discredited source can have the nugget you were looking for in it.

Do not blindly accept any news source to give you the truth because they are a) well paid, b) a large corporation, c) connected to the government, d) commonly trusted professionals (doctors, lawyers... ) You get the picture.

Conclusion: You have been fooled all along. Now you are being fooled again with Fake News! I have seen info illiterates decry "fake news!" on FB like it's the new battle cry of redemption. It is getting more obvious, but what is obvious to those who never sought the truth in the first place? You must be seeking the truth, otherwise, you are just a pawn in the Media game in the medium.

Problem is, most people, do not want to hear the truth, especially from the people who know it. They all want it to come from the fake real to be believed. If you can't/won't do it, they will do it for you, is their motto. The left does this all the time to grassroots political movements. This is the essence of co intel pro. counter opposition, lateral aggression, THE JOKE IS OVER! THE GAME IS OVER!


Sunday, July 9, 2017

INCOMING! MK Merc, Craig Sawyer wants YOUR money!

I'd been seeing this guys mug on the net for a while. IMO, like all the alt. vet. sites, you can't trust em.

Here is what he is doing:

"Help V4CR raise funds to produce the documentary that will expose the dark world of pedophile rings, human sex trafficking and other child abuse."

This has got to be the most pathetic pitch. For one thing, there are already 1000's of vids on you tube about this. The world does not another glossy doc. about pedo gate. So you want to give your money to making a movie?

FYI: There are multitudes of REAL activists that have been working in this field for years, that A) never ask for your money, B) would never be so foolish to think making a movie will solve anything and will be happy when this latest deep state teletubby offering is pulled back into the bases.

So, who died and made you the boss, macho man? YOU DO NOT get to claim the narrative of tru survivors. We don't want your help!

Apparently he is going to use YOUR money you donated to hire a lawyer to try to silence real survivors of Satanic Ritual Abuse and trauma based mind control on children. Yeh, that is right. I just read it on his FB page. That is all anyone should need to pick up the trail.

Think Ken Okeefe, think Kevin Annett, think all the new age operatives, think co intel pro, think counter opposition, think snake oil salesman. THINK!

This is the media babe, the last frontier, not your little target zone. You shine the light. That is right. You shine that light... boy.

Friday, June 9, 2017

The Paradox of Life: Headbutting the Time Lords, Creativity Innernet

Efforts to extract/ instruct from the matrix are only real in so far as they are experienced by the collective.

One may deny consent till the cows come home but realistically one cannot go beyond the barrier shields of the collective consciousness while here on earth or you are consenting to a personal victim/ abuser cycle. If you are not controlling your field, someone/ thing else is. There is no Normal, no stationary OK place where you can be at ease without awareness. Your awareness is the currency. It flows. 

Sure i can get out with my spirit, but that is not why I am here. I do not need to write down my dreams, they come to me when i need them, i do not need to practice any sort of trance bliss projection spiritualism. that is boring. i have a job to do. Those teaching these things are teaching distractions and are thus, as the bible warns, things to avoid.

Most people hit the barriers and collapse back in grief, fear, hopelessness, or insert ANY viable designer mind program here... because all those bad feelings are programs from real torture victims projected back at you. so if you cant deal with them and put the physical effort into transforming untwisting realigning your multi d bodies, you are just running out of gas on a conveyor belt to soul annihilation. and yes. it is that bad.

insert fire and brimstone preaching here...

to positively impact change, personal motivation must switch to breaking down those shields and then we enter into the time wars. most people who are on one side or another of any issue are not doing that. so they are doing nothing in actuality to penetrate the shield wall and liberate humanity.

Individual explanations are time wasters, yet called for and necessary for some.

Welcome to the secret space.

Know that there is an army ready to fight this battle and the bellringers are on a time limit.

Personally, I am creating the innernet of selects who get it and we are creating the matrix back up system, holding the demiurge at bay, until it is at max threshold and then Kabloozieee... Field one engaged. These are steps out for humanity.

If you are not walking the red road, the middle path, creator God Christianity, down with the people, one love, you are walking toward soul annihilation.

Creator God has your back. Many many times it says in the Bible to not fear. more than just kind platitudes. All fear feeds your own soul lineage annihilation.

Keep you head up and start head butting the time lords. They are waiting for you. It is generally not a very comfortable feeling. That is why it is hidden from most. But now it is time to let the secret knowledge of ancient power and wisdom out.

MK Ultra Girl
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Saturday, April 22, 2017

How to Reverse Target. FINALLY

so why is everyone ready to kill themselves?
because its the best time of the year.

try to lift your spirits and shine and the "beams" get occulated over you with sine waves.

So? Here.

Recognize that. It is not you, it's them.

Capture the moment in time with your super conscoius knowingness mind. put the thing on notice so to speak and spin the wheel of the mandela.

Fuck that shit. Call the game. The thing is a frequency. Grab it. follow it back and nuetralize the shit.

We are all only worms in this form. there is nothing we are supposed to be do or get. or become.

No one or thing has the right to interfere with you.

Personally, I send out sheet lighting with my mind, clipping off these nasty nasty lies and deceptions through all dimensions.

If you just realize this thing and help along with the task then the shearing will become easier.

I get it, my mom had to live with this shit and it was the saddest thing and I am so sorry I could not have been more help, but we were all in the dark. Deceived, shocked, blanked spaced. Within these spaces lies the receptors for the outside frequencies which are only first created by these trauma frequencies in the first place, which means, it is mine, it came from me and others like me.

Fooled ya! See. There is nothing really going on. It is a loop, groundhog day, all fueled by the bouncing frequency ball.

Do not forget Joe Marshalla's universal law of repeatlessness. No 2 moments in time are alike, ever, thru the dimensional portals because they are being changed by observation and a whole set of laws that are real laws is engaged. Not these stupid earth laws.

Hope that helps. I have to do some chores.

Mk Ultra Girl. com

Thursday, April 6, 2017

False Prophets of Cultural and Economic Recovery

There will not be a cultural or economic renaissance. 
I have been warning against this since Jan. 2016. 
This reset/ collapse is only a ruse to get you to go along with the next phase of end time prophesy. 
During this initiatory time, people will either hear the truth, get right with creator God, or be devoured in the ages old demonic tricks of soul stealing/annihilation. 
I am sorry that none of us ever got to enjoy life on this earth as awake and aware and untargeted people but the truth is, we will only know those times in heaven through our spirits with a solid truthful knowing connection to creator God. 
Satan mirrors creator God's every creation because this is Satan's world. 
I am here to warn people and save as many souls as is the mission of us time lords. 
There will be a time soon approaching when i will not be able to preach the gospel as was foretold in the bible. 
When every last soul that can be saved will be saved, the EVENT, will happen. the fallout will see those deceived rushing to the wrong saviours. 
The deception runs through the new age communities, all religions and all societal institutions.

We are often confronted with those taken over by the little g gods of this world, with those who cleave to the system - to the world as it is in it's lie of a form. 
We can pray against the oncoming handlers like Ann Diamond and Cathy Fox Blog who identify their form with that of the world. 
We can warn them, but only creator God knows the ultimate plan for these lost souls.  
We can run the gauntlet of the info war but ultimately you will come to this conclusion or you will be absorbed into the death eater system of timeline genocide, as Andrew Bartsiz puts it. 
That would be the timeline of your own soul exsistance.
People constantly deny the very reality of their own soul operating in a human form. 
This form is not meant to ASS END. It is the worm. It is the stolen rib of the still sleeping Adam. Only our soul inside (spirit) can see through this with a connection to Creator God which was made clear by the birth of the first unlawfully created DNA entwined being, Jesus, the first born son of the lying little g god. Lucifer/Eve/Mary/Lillith/Nefertiti on and on. Wouldn't he know?
Thanks to Dr. Scott McQuate's research on this subject for clarifying the mystery. 
It has been groundhog day since the beginning of time on this earth rock. 
When you die, you become unentwined. You may choose to come back through willingness or deception but it is all the same day.
Identify your soul and claim it as Creator God's family. 
Just do it and keep doing it.
Entrain your intuition with your being to that conscious claim. 
I know how well deceived one can be. Trust me on that. 

When all the timelines collapse into one, singularity as the false prophets call it, we will experience the EVENT.
Good Luck. 
Ellen Atkin
MK Ultra Girl

Monday, February 6, 2017

Health Food and Politics

Health Food and Politics
Originally Published 2010

If you are in good health, you respond better, you think better, you feel better. If you are not in good health, you feel depressed, slow, achy, or worse yet, you may have a disease. What is the difference? How do you get from one polarity to the other? Who fault is it? Whose responsibility is it? 

Well, you can blame the government for letting genetically modified frankenfoods slip into our food supply unlabelled and untested. You can blame Monsanto for creating them. You can blame some undisclosed sentient being (s?) for spraying hazardous chemicals into the air through contrail emissions. You can blame the government for adding fluoride to the water. You can blame pharmaceutical companies for their sick making drugs and vaccines. You can blame your doctor for prescribing them. You can blame mainstream media for underreporting all these facts because their bosses are members of the same club promoting these bizarre and inhumane practices. Let’s not leave out factory farming either. 

I called a Canadian Senator’s office recently (Art Eggleton) to protest the passing of bill C-6, which rolls over portions of Canada’s sovereignty to an international body, (the World Health Organization and the Food and Agricultural Organization) and engaged in a little debate with the secretary. She asked me if I wanted Canada to become the dumping ground for substandard international products, like milk, baby bottles and something else she assumed I needed. I told her I didn’t drink milk and that people should just be educated about good health. She immediately replied that that is unreasonable.

I thought back to government education programs like ParticipACTION in the early 80’s and the continuous promotion of healthy initiatives from all levels of government hence. What is so unreasonable about that? They do it all the time.

All this being so- brainwashed clerks in government, (well you have to admit it must be easier to handle that way), a poisoned food and water supply, processed and refined food with no nutrient value seen as normal, alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, coffee, SUGAR… you can choose to not engage in any of it.

Turn away and you will find a thriving alternative health community. Converging aspects include, the Slow Food Movement, The 100 Mile Diet, the Living and Raw Foods Movement, buying and growing organic, fasting and cleansing, fermented and cultured food, seed storing, herbal remedies, and on and on…

These movements have emerged because our increasingly poisoned and toxic environment has taken second stage to the profiteers of industry. Indeed, our great grandparents practiced most of these movements as a matter of course. Now we want to maintain the integrity of these movements so they will not be co-opted by the powers that be. Codex Alimentarius recently discussed allowing a certain chemical into the production of organically labeled bananas. Codex Alimentarius is the project funded by the World Health Organization to set an international standard, supposedly for our own good, on everything ingestible. This is the international standard the senator’s secretary was talking about. Codex Alimentarius is comprised of international delegates who almost solely defer to the interests of big agri-business hell bent on controlling the world’s food supply. For our own good? Yeh right. 
Realistically we can assume that these modern, back to the good old days, movements are only adopted by a small percentage of the population. You may hear about them but adopting them is another story. True, the grocers are bending to the trend by offering more local and organic food, but there is more to understanding your food than pulling it off the shelf. 
You may know that you need to do something about your eating habits but before you even begin you may read a disparaging article in the newspaper that headlines organic food has no more nutrient value than regular food and breathe a sigh of relief that you don’t have to change. Or you may have seen and heard someone speak about the wonders of being on a certain diet and got turned around with morbid fascination and incredulity at a very sickly looking person speak about health. There are many paths to finding your own good health equation. 
One in four people are still getting cancer. Nothing breaks my heart more than to see the cancer industry continue to throw the wool over well meaning people’s eyes. I have seen a broke small business woman write a check for 100.00 to some ridiculous marathon for cancer research; young girls at a film festival brightly and innocently asking for donations for breast cancer; and the most heartbreaking of all, grannies set up in the mall with hundreds of man hours worth of hand knitted and crocheted baby stuff, doilies and toques ready to hand it all over to a bunch of crooks. With all the brain power in the world these days and billions of dollars down the drain, does it make any sense that there is still no reported cure for cancer?

Probably 10 - 15% of the population actually makes efforts, often misguided and misinformed, to live a healthy lifestyle. Probably 25% are sick and dying. The rest are in a regulated state of slow decline. We will probably see a rise in sick and dying as more people are born with failing systems due to inherited malnutrition. What is going on here?

While we should be heralding breakthroughs in agricultural science, soil and water purification and increased yields, we are choosing to die for bad habits stemming from misinformation. This is where choice and personal responsibility come in. You decide if you want to live in health or decay. Nowadays disease reversal can easily be accomplished through simple diet modifications. Cancer, diabetes, arthritis, and the entire, ever increasing, list of labels for internal toxic sludge are easily reversed to radiance with a little discipline, fortitude, positive attitude and a whole lot of education. Use your common sense when you wade into the alternative health arena. If you are feeling better you are on the right track. Don’t buy some guru’s diagnosis of “healing crisis” if you aren’t feeling it. I have been fasting and cleansing and making diet modifications (swinging from good to bad) for over 30 years and I have never had a “healing crisis.”

Personally I have reversed all kinds of cumulative nuisances like, indigestion, gas, bloating, joint pain, sallow skin, constipation, asthma, allergies, liver spots with diet modifications and cleanses. My biggest evolutionary leap occurred in 2006 when I officially “went raw” or became a raw foodist. Within a few months of eating a 90% uncooked diet, I lost 15 pounds and experienced a remarkable rise in energy, vitality and endurance. I could articulate better. Joint pain disappeared. Oddly enough, these two things put together made me a faster typist. My skin sparkled. Things began to improve on another level as well. My dreams became more vivid while I slept better. I became more psychic and aware while awake. I actively set about to find God. I changed my whole life. I abandoned all I found disagreeable in my life and plunged like a mad adventurer into the unknown.
I would like to think that I have staved off larger health concerns by being aware for the better part of my life about alternative health. Lucky for me one of my first jobs was in a health food store that wasn’t very busy. So I read a lot of the books on the shelf. Maybe you aren’t so lucky. The point is start somewhere, or not. I could really care less. Just don’t complain to me about your ailments. Nothing is incurable. In the final equation, you are responsible for your own health. 
Skipping the middle isles in the supermarket, relearning everything you knew about food preparation and adding supplements that you have never heard of are a few of the modifications you may make. At first it can be expensive but once you get the hang of it, a living foods diet can be a lot cheaper. It really isn’t that easy until you do it. Thinking about it is the hard part. 
There is so much good news coming from the alternative health and organic food movements, that there is no need to succumb to illness, malnutrition or hunger. One example of breakthrough science includes a subtle energy enhanced water filter developed by Ken Brown and Dr. Yuri Kronn of Energy Tools International. Dr. Kronn has invented a way to impart the energetic frequency of vitamins and minerals no longer present in our soils, into the filter, which carry out to the plant. It really works. 
Food scarcity and overpopulation is a myth invented by the same people who are trying to curtail and co-opt the thriving alternative health movement because they see their monopolies being weakened. People don’t want to go along with the idea of a few large businesses controlling the world’s food supply. So government is trying to make taking responsibility for your own health illegal! Well it won’t happen. If it takes another election to finally get this nasty business of Bill C-6 off the table, then so be it. 
The fight against bill C-6 and the corresponding Health Care Bill in the states is on. It is not about your health. It is about control, population control specifically. It is important to fight these bills not only to maintain your right to access natural cures, but to stop this mad agenda against sovereignty on a global scale. 
It will be an interesting time ahead as we watch consumers continue to define the marketplace and agribusiness shuffle and hustle their positions to stay in control. Redefine terminology a little here, jail a few herbalists there, and raid a few organic farms, heck they must really be losing it. It has gotten so serious that they are trying to legislate their way into total domination. It only takes a change of government that has the moral fortitude to buck the internationalists. As a leading and uniquely positioned member of the industrialized nations, it is really Canada’s job to do this. 

2017 addendum- Canada has another MKUltra puppet at the helm. There has been no change. No opposition party- to their shame- has picked up on one of these issues. 

copyright 2009 by Ellen Atkin

Friday, February 3, 2017

Origin of Film with Emma Jane Crunican

My mother, Emma Jane Crunican, first appears on this 1953 publicity vid for the Oklahoma State Department of Health! She debuts at 11:00 ish.

Here is her picture, also dated 1953.
Haircut might have meant a new start. She was 21 in 1953. According to her twin sister, my aunt Joan, her mental patient treatments started in London and Windsor, BEFORE she went to Montreal. My aunt Joan would not tell me what if anything happened to my mother to send her to see psyche doctors. Indeed, my aunt Joan's only angle is to blame my mother as though she chose it all. In my opinion, my aunt Joan knows a lot more than she is telling.
My mother's 3 brothers are dead. She only had one sister, her fraternal, non identical twin, Joan. Quite the difference in looks.

Now that I understand these things better, Aunt Joan was one of her handlers. It is safe to say that all her brothers were too, probably the least of which was Jerry. Her mother was for sure. And her father died when she was in her teens. This caused her heartbreak and there is definitely more to that story. Apparently my mom was engaged and broke it off and this was going on while her father was dying in the hospital. This seems to be where the targeting began. She lost her father in whom she loved and felt protected by. Protected from what? She spoke of how much he loved her and how it was obvious to all her bothers and her sister that she was his favorite and they were jealous. She definitely had a bond with her father. Seemed like she turned into target central right after he died... Why?

Here are some notes on the film:

Mental Hospital

Published 1953
Topics need keyword

A University of Oklahoma Production. Produced for the Oklahoma State Department of Health in cooperation with the State of Oklahoma Department of Mental Health. Distributed by International Film Bureau.
Director: Layton Mabrey.
Scriptwriter: Dwight V. Swain.
Coordinator: Jim Bragg.
Photographer: Wayne Rock.
G.F. Mathews, M.D., Commissioner, State Department of Health.
Charles F. Obermann, M.D., Director, Department of
Mental Health.
Psychiatric Consultants: Charles A. Smith, M.D., A.A.
Hellams, M.D.
"Recognizable personages appearing in this film are not
patients in a mental institution." (According to Dwight Swain, patients were played by producers, crew and friends, since actual patients weren't legally competent to sign talent releases.) Filmed in and around Central State Hospital, Norman, Oklahoma. Jack Stevenson's article on Swain and Hockman appears in Brutarian (Vol. 1, No. 1).

Documents the case of a mental patient who is treated for schizophrenia (paranoid type) at the Oklahoma State Hospital. Summarizes the treatment of a patient from admission to the hospital to the time of discharge. Explains
the methods used in the treatment of mental diseases and stresses the value of occupational therapy in rehabilitating patients and the need for an atmosphere of calm and security.

TITLE CARD: Recognizable personages appearing in this film are not patients in a mental institution.

PARANOIA / DEPRESSION / INSTITUTIONALIZATION: Man's voice over as he is driven down a gray, snowy road. HE IS VERY PARANOID. He leans his head against the rear window. There's a close up of his eyes, then hands, then mouth. Men in dark, tweed jackets lead him into the hospital.

MEDICAL ABUSE: Nurses examine Joe. He has blood taken from his arms, a chest x-ray, and a spinal tap.

PARANOIA: Joe talks to an Oklahoman psychiatrist (with a southern accent).
He says, "They're turning my wife, you know, Peg, against me. They're taking up all of her time." Joe rings his hands. The psychiatrist replies, "Why do you think they're doing you this way?" Joe answers, "Well, I've been working on this for years. They don't know it but I'm on to them."

PSYCHOLOGICAL TESTING: The narrator describes various treatments for psychological disorders, and we view these methods in action (which look somewhat barbarous to today's viewers). First there's insulin shot therapy in which a patient receives a shot (camera pans down to twitching feet), then electric shock, hydrotherapy, and cold pack therapy.

Run time 0:19:58
Producer University of Oklahoma
Production Company University of Oklahoma
Audio/Visual sound, B&W

Sunday, January 29, 2017

MKUltra Girl Google images Autofil search content

Joseph Mengele's experiments list

Deep web human experiment

cia mind control

Over the past year these phrases have autofilled in the text  search box when I image search the MKUltra girl image.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Cathy Fox Blog - Ultimate Spook? Survivor WARNING! BEWARE!

Who the heck is Cathy Fox?
She (?) writes Cathy Fox Blog ANONYMOUSLY!

ANYONE can write a blog and call it My Stupid Opinion Blog.
Here are just a few of the very questionable issues around Cathy Fox Blog.
She is completely anonymous. She has no contact info other than a million different email addresses. No picture. No comments from users that met her. No address. No Phone. Nothing. Since her inception of the blog out of nowhere a few years ago, there is no evidence that she (?) is an actual person.

Here are a few of her email addresses:
and the now defunct
another one @bigfoot.something was before that
I just can't keep track

Not sure about you, but keeping track of this many email addresses (there are more) is a nightmare. Is she attempting to be savvy in an,  I barely know anything about the internet kind of way?

She is IMPLORING victims of child sexual abuse to send her details of their abuse in confidence! What? Really?
Here is a line taken right off her website:
"As child abuse knows no boundaries, there may be a useful crossover of information. Please contact me with any information that you thinnk is relevant no matter how small."

There is nothing on her blog about who she (he, it) is. No background material, no work history (relevant or otherwise), not one personal shred of information  on the whole blog for the whole 4 years. The first blog post on July 2013 is just the first of many reports dumped on the site of child abuse. PEOPLE! This is highly suspicious!

She claims to have not suffered from child abuse herself!
People... Wake up!  Cathy Fox Blog has done NOTHING in the 3 years of blogging to correct any of the systemic abuses she writes about except, wait for it, drum roll please.. cut and paste other people's material! Not quite as bad as Ann Diamond who leads all hope of recovery and reconciliation into a hopeless dead end, except for maybe getting your story retold without your permission in one of her obscure books. At least Ann Diamond is a real person, even though her real name is Ann McLean.

Do not trust these anonymous sites! There are a many non anonymous sites that will share your material. You will know these sites by doing a little research. Write the blogger first. Get a feel for who they are and what they are all about.
Another suspect assertion of Cathy Fox Blog:
"One way I  could maybe help with Irish Information, is I have some access, through contacts, to some Irish Court Appeals which may contain useful information, which I publish redacted of sensitive information about victims. If anyone knows of an abuser that you think has appealed or might have, email me in confidence on and I will check for you."

MkUltra Girl Requested Retraction DENIED by Cathy Flox Blog.

Read what she says about me. This piece of shit. 

Cathy Fox Blog contacted me right around the time I was doing MKultra GRRRL Discovery (jan. 2016) with Laura Cross.  Her connection to me was through Ann Diamond who is now thoroughly discredited. I did not contact her as she (it) claims. I even warned her that I may retract permission in my initial correspondence. When I did so, she lamely tells me how she put a lot of time into the post about me and a show that is not public anymore and the rest was lifted right off my site and the rest cut and paste. What person who claims to be helping victims of child abuse turn around and abuse & dishonour that victim? If there ever was a reason to look into who Cathy Fox Blog is and what her (its) movites are, I think that is it. At the very least her ego is out of this world.

There is no doubt Ann Diamond was completely MKed, but she will be the last to admit it. She will write books about her life with morbid MK evidence everywhere and then say things like, I have no proof and I was a normal happy child.
Ann Diamond was one of the first people I contacted when I went public with my research about my mother,
Emma Jane Crunican, who went through the sleep therapy programme in Montreal in the 50's with Ewan Cameron. My mom  showed up in this clip. It has appeared in many different usages but it apparently originated here.she comes in at the 12:08 mark in this clip. she is also in the movie PUSH (2009) and Psychology of Control by James Lane (2013).

Ann came to my house on Vancouver Island in 2014 about 3 months after we internet connected. I met her in person. I know her quirks. The main one is a very skittish nature. You would be talking to her face to face, turn your head to pick up a coffee mug and she would be gone; Not just out of sight- gone. She left me in a coffee shop line up under these exact circumstances. I had the car and more errands to do. I looked everywhere for her. When I came back after my chores and found her where I left her, she said she had found another coffee shop. These quick deke out maneuvers happened at the house too. 

When I discovered the now famous photo of myself here,
Ann was very cool to me. Since I hadn't had much experience with the internet community or research yet, I went to her first as a confident.

So, instead of helping me deal with it, she maligned and blackballed me. She is continuing to do so to this day and so is the Cathy Fox Blog person, now that I requested her to remove my content.

Ann Diamond connected me to Cathy Fox Blog just before I realized her motives and went on the offensive with her over her sly, coy and slandering tactics.
After a year in the survivor community there are multiple incidences of people having had negative associations with Ann Diamond. The main gist of her problem is taking other survivor stories and working them into her material with or without permission.
The biggest joke of all is how she writes about an extremely dysfunctional and sad home, finding evidence of being one of the mkultra Ewen Cameron test subjects in Montreal (both of her books I read are about that) and then she denies it all because there is "no proof" and don't cha know, she is just an effete ne'er do well Can Lit cast off, nothing to see here... well let me be the first to say, there is plenty of proof in the living breathing Ann Diamond herself that she was completely traumatized and mind controlled. The sad conclusion is that she will never break her programming. She does the thing that is soooooo old now, She tries to handle other survivors...

So we have Ann Diamond and Cathy Fox Blog joined by association.

One of our mutual associations thinks that Cathy Fox Blog is Ann Diamond!
Another had her name used on Cathy Fox Blog, fed to her by Ann Diamond, without her permission. 
Ann Diamond's book about Leonard Cohen is climaxed with another TI's story who expressly told her NOT to use the story but she did anyway. 
Ann Diamond & Cathy Fox are a fine pair. 

One thing I have learned since this MKultra research began for me in 2013, the people who are talking, writing, speaking about this subject and say they are not victims ARE FULL OF SHIT!
There is only one reason people are interested in this subject. It is because it relates to them. All altruistic humanitarian explanations are BS.
If you have someone taking action without acknowledging their own programming you have a BIG PROBLEM! The ultimate handler spook. Colin Ross take note!

I have gone on about the anonymous bloggers before. They reprint anonymous articles and have ads and click bait on their sites. They say they are just wanting to help and get the word out.

Well, here is a word from MKultra girl. GF Yourselves.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Urgent Copyright Survey for all Artists


From Nancy Wolff, DMLA Counsel
The new Librarian of Congress, Dr. Carla Hayden, has started the process of searching for a new Register of Copyrights after removing Maria Pallante as Register on October 21, 2016. DMLA, as well as the other visual artist associations, had worked with the former Register Pallante for six years on issues involving photography and the visual arts, and most recently on copyright modernization and potential legislation for a copyright small claims court in line with recommendations from the Copyright Office.
In an unprecedented move, the Library is seeking public comment by January 31, 2017 via Survey Monkey on the qualifications for the next Register of Copyrights. The survey can be found at:
Although this crowd sourcing approach to a government appointment is highly unusual, we encourage all members to participate and to share this blog with any contributors, so the views of the licensing community and creators can be heard. From past experience we know that the tech community is very effective at organizing and sending the Copyright Office an overwhelming number of responses to copyright inquiries, and their interests in a Register would favor less copyright protection for creators.
The survey is not long and is limited to a few simple questions—namely, what qualities the Register should possess, what issues he or she should focus on, and what other factors should be considered. We encourage you to complete the survey before the January 31, 2017 deadline and distribute it widely.
DMLA has provided model responses to each of the survey’s questions based on suggestions from the Copyright Alliance. You are free to use all or some of these responses or provide your own responses. As the survey offers no background on what the responsibilities of the Register are or what public function the Copyright Office serves here is a link to background information on the role and responsibilities of the Copyright Office.
  1. What are the knowledge, skills, and abilities you believe are the most important for the Register of Copyrights?
The next Register of Copyrights must:
  • Be dedicated to both a robust copyright system and the Copyright Office;
  • Recognize the important role that creators of copyrighted works and their representatives play in promoting our nation’s financial well-being;
  • Be a lawyer with significant experience in, and a strong commitment to, the copyright law;
  • Have management experience;
  • Have a substantial background in representing the interests of creators and their representatives;
  • Possess a deep appreciation for the special challenges facing individual creators and their licensing representatives in protecting works and encouraging licensing models over infringement;
  • Possess a keen understanding of, and a strong commitment to, preserving the longstanding and statutorily-based functions of the Copyright Office, especially its advising the House and Senate Judiciary Committees on domestic and international copyright issues;
  • Be an advocate within the government for creators and their licensing representatives (as no other agency plays this role);
  • Have a vision for the Copyright Office of the future that supports the work of creators and is generally consistent with the views espoused by Chairman Goodlatte and Ranking Member Conyers in their November 2016 policy proposal;
  • Be committed to modernizing the IT infrastructure of the Copyright Office;
  • Have the solid support of the copyright community.
  1. What should be the top three priorities for the Register of Copyrights?
  • Continue the traditional and critical role of the Register as a forceful advocate for both a vibrant copyright system and a strong Copyright Office that works closely with the House and Senate Judiciary Committees in promoting a strong and effective copyright law.
  • A commitment to moving quickly to modernize the Copyright Office with a special focus on updating and making more affordable and simpler the registration and recordation process, and to ensure that the Copyright Office and its modernization efforts are financed by means other than just registration and recordation fees.
  • Working with Congress to achieve enactment of legislation creating a small claims process that finally provides creators and their representatives with a viable means of protecting their creative efforts and encouraging a licensing system rather than unauthorized use.
  1. Are there other factors that should be considered?
The process of selecting the next Register must not be limited to responses in a single survey, as the importance of a qualified Register to the livelihood of creators and the industries that rely on a functioning Copyright Office and system is too important to be decided by crowd sourcing, particularly as anyone can respond to a survey, regardless of their experience as a user of the Copyright Office. It is also important that the views of the leaders of House and Senate Judiciary Committees, current Copyright Office staff, copyright practitioners, and former Registers be taken into account in the selection of the next Register.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

MK Ultra Girl - Integration

As threatened, Mk Ultra girl is owning her material in more concise and tangible formats. After a year since MK Ultra Girl Discovery, we are now moving into the Integration phase.

The shock has worn off and many worldly shifts have helped to validate and open portals for furthering the cause of all MK ultra (the programme) vics and revivors.

2017 marks the year when all aeons old lies are revealed. This catalyst will help to wake people up in much the same way as I was last year with discovery of myself as a little girl in a picture meta tagged MK Ultra girl being electrocuted.

More predictions for 2017 include the fall of the Vatican and all Royal Crowns.

2017 also heralds the coming of the long awaited international class action lawsuit against all covert black ops on innocents... (consider yourselves warned)


Live interview with Lance Scurv this Sunday January 8th at 2pm Pacific Standard Time.


Survivor Traps, Nazis, Blood Types, Fallen Angels, Soul Fragmentation, Gangstalking, Reality Shifts, Aliens, Reptiles, Solutions, Ministry and Creator

Ellen Atkin will attempt to explain the far flung concepts that keep us reverting to fear and desperation while under the spell of the programme.

Hot New Musical Release Outro by Hip Hop duo Foreign Policy

Foreign Policy composed this haunting outro using words written by MkUltra Girl to further the message about trauma based mind control and the public/political issue that it is to become in 2017.

Foreign Policy is a hip hop duo from USA & RUSSIA.
From USA side: Adam Afterlife - Vocals, Rhymes, Lyrics.
From RUSSIA side: Masta Shake - Beats & composition.
Debut EP album "Through the Looking Glass" out fall 2016
We have already begun working on the Upcoming LP "BLACK BUDGET POLITICS"


Interview with Elissa Hawke!

Saturday, December 31, 2016

What the Hell is going on in Heaven? - The blood type to gang stalking connection.

How? Why? Who?.. please God... help me, help us all. Spare us the death rattles of the body politic, spouting all many of diversions that bear no relevance on the truth of our situation. Truth? You can't handle the truth! ahhahahaha... Well I can and millions like me can too. And it ain't another thoughtful analysis of alien hybrid inter-dimensional war games.

Whilst the lawmakers, breakers and takers preach a false value system based on subjugation and lies to the masses, a good portion of whom eat it up like they have some hope if they just play along a bit more, there are a million or more people (in US alone) who are fighting for their lives on a daily basis right here in North America. And it ain't because there are no jobs.

They are fighting against targeting and gang stalking by a well oiled machine that the average Joe can not comprehend unless they suspend their inculcated, shit eating, mildly suppressed roiling angst masquerading as ambition or care or worthiness.

Or maybe you are benefiting already from this very black market economy. Because that is what it is. People are getting paid with YOUR hard earned money to destroy the lives of good people everywhere. And they want you to believe that there is something to fix here other than this very real, very big and very hidden problem. The economy is not the problem. Money has nothing to do with it. It is an intention, an ideology, a forced imposition of beliefs.

Do the lies perped on you over the centuries not give you a clue? This is bigger than Trump, Putin and Trudeau combined.
Oh right, I forgot, I am cray cray... So you can just dismiss me and look the other way. Hey I have an idea, lets let another political movement, sitting in nice houses with salaries, investments and cash tell us how I should present my case. They might even ask me for donations to help them help me. Get it?

By now, you all know that I am a survivor/ revivor of the MKUltra mind programme. It is me in the picture that has circulated around the net for at least 10 years used over 1000 times in blogs and movies and presentations about this programme as though it is over, in the past.

By now, you all know that my mother went through the sleep therapy programme in Montreal at the Allen Memorial Hospital. You have seen her too many times in video and still images. She also has a starring role in this wonderful drama. So far I have seen her in the Movie: State of Mind: Psychology of Control - 2013, Push - 2007 and The Mental Hospital - 1953. She is lying on a stretcher in a pretty dress she probably made herself, (she was a seamstress), getting electroshocked by a team of nurses and Ewen Cameron himself.

By now, you all know that my sister Ruth began exhibiting unleashed psychosis and violence on her friends and family in the mid '70's in Whitevale Ontario. She spent 5 years in a hell only those who have experienced can know going from psychiatrist to psyche ward to group home to jail cell to family who could not deal with her until finally she committed murder, was charged and found not guilty by reason of insanity and put away in a locked ward at the St. Thomas mental institute near London, Ontario under what is known as a leftenant general governors warrant.

By now, you all know that my younger brother Michael drowned in a canoeing accident in Port Carling, Ontario in 1985 when he was 19 yrs old. Shhhhh.... don't talk, don't tell or this might happen to you. Play along with that hole in your heart, you will get over it and fit it. (same thing happened to the Trudeau boys)

By now, you all know that my father had mental health issues, was put in a psyche ward in his late teems with a "nervous breakdown" after his first two weeks at St. Peter's seminary in London Ontario.  His mystery rehabilitation included getting his MA at western university through the '50's and landing his first teaching job at the College Millitaire in St. Jean Sur Richelieu in Quebec, even though he was not in the military and no one in my family was. Rumours of other hospital stays filtered in but my father was 100% tight lipped on those matters.

Rumours of my mother and father having met at a psyche ward in a mental hospital have come forth since I launched this public investigation in 2013. Denials and lots of handling by all sides of the family have emerged as well. Let us not forget the steady stream of survivors who are programmed to take each other out by discrediting and obfuscating the truth.

My first interview in Jan 2014 since my discovery of MkUltra Grrrl photograph, on the Oppositional Defiant Disorder radio show on Wolf Spirit Radio hosted by Laura Cross, broke a certain barrier. People contacted me with bizarre waking up out of a trance stories of torture and abuse they suffered by still living, doctors, psychiatrists and politicians. They had forgotten too.

Do you see now? Do you get it? Maybe you weren't abused and tortured but you are definitely in a trance about what is actually going on here. Not in some isolated layer of life, but woven into the very fabric of your reality. As long as the sub class of vics remains as such, the powers that entrench the means continue to fulfill the agenda, spoon feeding you all the way.

The big lie revolves around blood type. The 15% of negative blood types in the world are the primary targets of this mk, targeting, gang stalking programme. Not exclusively, but largely that is what is behind it. Why? Negative bloods, blue bloods, copper based, minus the rhesus monkey gene are more closely connected to God, you might say. Or Lucifer, or the fallen angles. It doesn't really matter at this point because the God most people worship through church is actually the devil.

Why do the royals claim such blood types yet there are many of us who are of this blood type yet have no such standing in society, in fact, we are blackballed and discredited at every turn?

I and others are putting the pieces together. The negative bloods have super powers. They are more intelligent, more creative, they can do paranormal things quite easily, they innately understand science and what Santos Bonacci has termed Synchronism, the inter connectedness of all things.

Positive blood types, not so much. They go along like empty husks. They are used by the fallen angel negative blood types, of which you can stuff the dubious term "the cabal" or "the Illuminati" into. As long as the positive blood types keep buying the lie that the fallen negative bloods uphold (global earth, moon landing, man comes from apes.. on an on) the OTHER negative blood types who are NOT here to deceive but to enlighten and SAVE your sorry asses are hounded and discredited.

It is not political. It is not about money. It is about escaping this matrix of lies through conscious communication with creator, not the false God that most Christians believe in.

So please start learning about blood types and listening to the negative blood types. They are telling the truth and have been put here to save your asses. Now for the love of God start supported us! You positives only have another generation before your children are all hopeless anyway. Another recycling box at the end of the driveway isn't enough effort.

In the meantime, good people and families are torn apart and destroyed everyday by people committing crimes against humanity sanctioned by the state.

By the power invested in me and through the divine will of the creator, you are all put on notice.

Ellen Atkin
aka MKUltra Girl
negative blood type
Heir of Creation
7th level old priest/ warrior

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Celebrating 10 Years of Raw Traveling

10 years. Yup, I started this 10 years ago. My first post was Dec. 9th, 2006. I was 43 and I was in L.A. in my motorhome called Whitey. I stayed there about a month while I hung out with a friend from Canada and saw another old friend from Toronto and did many tours of raw food restaurants and spent a weekend at the Celebration of Oneness festival in Pasedena where I met so many in the know, now, alt, healer, new age, raw foody, occulty people, many of whom I am friends with today. 

It was definitely the start of something and if I had not done it, I fear I would be worse off.

I look at all the bloggers out there today and I weigh them against my own expression. I value this blog as a  vehicle of expression for my inner undiscovered seeker self. (not always, I tried to turn it into a promotional vehicle for my aerial photography business and it didn't work) Better to leave it as a public diary of sorts.  

As it turns out, it is fantastic validation of my authenticity. I was always a few steps ahead of the game.

When I look at my online presence weighed against my real life, I really do have what is termed, survivors mission. That is what this is. A mission. Guess what? I live in a town called Mission, BC. Coincidence? I think not!

Wow, did I think I would be sitting here 10 years later with all these disclosures and discoveries all around me? Did I think that I would be physically, spiritually connected to thousands of people who are actively involved in what is known as disclosure? Not really sure what the deal is turning that into a political movement. I see it as more of a monitoring of the elliptic.

I think, more than anything, this blog has helped me find a voice and in a most obscure way, influence the world.

Let's not forget the discovery of MK ultra girl. Can you imagine? Probably not. But I did it. I found my kind. I found thousands, maybe millions of others with direct experience of what had only been a muffled longing prior.

Bravo to me and to all the other revivor, survivor, thrivers out there. This swamp has a ways to go yet to get to the bottom. God willing, I'll be there.

Big blessed bear hug.

Ellen Atkin