Monday, February 15, 2016

Alpha Biotics - Life Energy Connection - Blake Jobb

Is it all in your head? Maybe. That is why I get my certified healing facilitator, Blake Jobb to work his therapeutic magic on me.

I've had 6 treatments so far and every time I am extended and less crunched up. What is it? 
It is called Alpha Biotics. Lying on a massage table either at Blake's office in White Rock, BC, Canada, or at a home session, he does a quick neck pull on either side and I can feel energy zip down to my tows. Sometimes I gasp in relief.
For a person like me with major neck issues from cumulative injuries starting with non consensual government sponsored trauma based mind control experimentation in Ontario in the 60's when I was a child, this treatment brings great and lasting relief.

Any kind of pain or energy blockages can be addressed quickly with this technique that has been around for 100 years now.

In addition, Blake uses the P.E.M.F. bed underneath your body to give the body a cellular recharge. "Pulsed Electro Magnetic Frequency therapy optimizes our bodies 80 to 100 trillion cells in just 8 minutes. (beneficial effects last 6 to 12 hours) using pulsating frequencies that replicate the Earth's pulsed electromagnetic frequency. The result? Protection from harmful high frequencies and reversal of most of our conditions."

He also used a localized probe with the same frequency for isolated areas like my old sore ankle and lower back.

AND, he uses  Colour Light Therapy  using a pituitary gland stimulating eye mask.

Put it all together and you have a profound healing experience in under a half hour.

I can't recommend Blake and his work high enough. I have tried many therapies, chiropractors and disciplines over the years. This one is bang on and is also a great bang for your buck. Blake is still charging intro rates.

He is the only Alpha Bioticist in Western Canada right now. There are 200 in the States and only 3 in Canada.

Call Blake Jobb for an appt. either at his studio or at your home.

604 789-4787


  1. What does he charge .. for intro .. and will he come to me, in Van?
    hope so ..


  2. Dear Katherine: He is reasonable. Contact him for the exact number. Due to the internet and SEO of this post, I am not putting prices here because time is fluid, just like our brains. Best.