Monday, October 31, 2016

Cancel Cancel Delete Delete Said the Demon

Smashing idols has proved a lot of fun for me. Let me tell you what happened as I went into the thrift store to pick up some inspirational Jesus stuff to decorate my home with. I have been removing anything that might be construed as satanic portals and thought i would made some additions. Well! Be Careful!... so there I am walking into the store and I am attacked by a demon right off.

He is inside of a schizophrenic man who no doubt has had his troubles with drugs and lord knows what else. This lurker starts circling me and eyeballing me in the usual dark vacuum like energy that is easily identifiable as dark power. there is power to it, which is why people often get mesmerized. But it is only the kind of power that leads you to the open pit of hell.

So he starts pointing at me and saying, Cancel, Cancel, Delete, Delete... I had actually forgotten that until a few days later. In my awareness, I said something like, in the name of Jesus Christ, you are possessed by a demon. He foolishly stopped, stuck his nose in the air and said, "I am an angle of light". Well we all know that Lucifer is the real angel of light also known as the light bearer.

So this dude circles the counter with his eye on me the whole time. The clerk tells me he is schitzo and I tell her yeh, I know, my sister was schitzo and most of my family. I know exactly what I am talking about, he is possessed by a demon. Been there done that. She starts to come around and said, you know I think yo uare right, his eyes were completely black. no difference between the pupil and the iris. I saw that too, but there are people who have very dark eyes, like my Uncle Paul, otherwise known as Father Paul Crunican. He had eye colour as close to black as you can get. Hmmmmmm... No word on his history other than he was the pride of his natal family and everybody loved him. I refused to call him Father Paul, since I was an aethiest. He was a nice man as far as I remember.

Then, I ask the clerk for a bidding number because I want to bid on an item in the display case. The demon possessed man is approaching me from his loop and says immediately, "221". I look this number up in the satanic meaning of things on line and it means... God has forsaken thee.  GREAT!

Well, someone here has not cancelled or deleted the information. In fact, I am sharing it for all to know of such things.

So the guy leaves the store because there are too many eyes on him and I start shopping. I pick up a bunch of items that I think might be good for reminders of faith and bring them home...

Turns out a few of them are Lucifer's tricky false idols masquerading as Christian things. I kinda had the feeling so I posted pics of these demons on my FB and got quick answers about there origin.

Then, I got rid of them for ever and sent their sorry demon asses back to hell. In the name of Jesus Christ. The real one.

Please note that this work is not for everyone. You have to know how to deal with demons. You can't just do this work willy nilly. If you do not double down on your prayers and acceptance as Jesus as your saviour inside, for real and keep it up all the time (remember there are no 2 alike moments in time ever), then you should not be doing this work. You could become possessed x7 times as it says in the Bible. Most people I know get scared and start believing some nonsense about the higher self and aliens are going to save us, than get enough bravado actually face a demon.

Time and time again, I have heard and I have seen the power of defying demons. It only works in the name of Jesus Christ. hey don't just believe me. Do the research. Linda Maxwell, knows all to well and has done great exposure of the false demonology of the spiritualists in England like Blavatsky and Bailey and all those fat asses. This stuff happens more often than you realize. That is why we don't substitute Jesus Christ's name for Sanada, Jaweh, or any of that stuff. The power comes in the words, Jesus Christ.

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