Sunday, January 22, 2017

Cathy Fox Blog - Ultimate Spook? Survivor WARNING! BEWARE!

Who the heck is Cathy Fox?
She (?) writes Cathy Fox Blog ANONYMOUSLY!

ANYONE can write a blog and call it My Stupid Opinion Blog.
Here are just a few of the very questionable issues around Cathy Fox Blog.
She is completely anonymous. She has no contact info other than a million different email addresses. No picture. No comments from users that met her. No address. No Phone. Nothing. Since her inception of the blog out of nowhere a few years ago, there is no evidence that she (?) is an actual person.

Here are a few of her email addresses:
and the now defunct
another one @bigfoot.something was before that
I just can't keep track

Not sure about you, but keeping track of this many email addresses (there are more) is a nightmare. Is she attempting to be savvy in an,  I barely know anything about the internet kind of way?

She is IMPLORING victims of child sexual abuse to send her details of their abuse in confidence! What? Really?
Here is a line taken right off her website:
"As child abuse knows no boundaries, there may be a useful crossover of information. Please contact me with any information that you thinnk is relevant no matter how small."

There is nothing on her blog about who she (he, it) is. No background material, no work history (relevant or otherwise), not one personal shred of information  on the whole blog for the whole 4 years. The first blog post on July 2013 is just the first of many reports dumped on the site of child abuse. PEOPLE! This is highly suspicious!

She claims to have not suffered from child abuse herself!
People... Wake up!  Cathy Fox Blog has done NOTHING in the 3 years of blogging to correct any of the systemic abuses she writes about except, wait for it, drum roll please.. cut and paste other people's material! Not quite as bad as Ann Diamond who leads all hope of recovery and reconciliation into a hopeless dead end, except for maybe getting your story retold without your permission in one of her obscure books. At least Ann Diamond is a real person, even though her real name is Ann McLean.

Do not trust these anonymous sites! There are a many non anonymous sites that will share your material. You will know these sites by doing a little research. Write the blogger first. Get a feel for who they are and what they are all about.
Another suspect assertion of Cathy Fox Blog:
"One way I  could maybe help with Irish Information, is I have some access, through contacts, to some Irish Court Appeals which may contain useful information, which I publish redacted of sensitive information about victims. If anyone knows of an abuser that you think has appealed or might have, email me in confidence on and I will check for you."

MkUltra Girl Requested Retraction DENIED by Cathy Flox Blog.

Read what she says about me. This piece of shit. 

Cathy Fox Blog contacted me right around the time I was doing MKultra GRRRL Discovery (jan. 2016) with Laura Cross.  Her connection to me was through Ann Diamond who is now thoroughly discredited. I did not contact her as she (it) claims. I even warned her that I may retract permission in my initial correspondence. When I did so, she lamely tells me how she put a lot of time into the post about me and a show that is not public anymore and the rest was lifted right off my site and the rest cut and paste. What person who claims to be helping victims of child abuse turn around and abuse & dishonour that victim? If there ever was a reason to look into who Cathy Fox Blog is and what her (its) movites are, I think that is it. At the very least her ego is out of this world.

There is no doubt Ann Diamond was completely MKed, but she will be the last to admit it. She will write books about her life with morbid MK evidence everywhere and then say things like, I have no proof and I was a normal happy child.
Ann Diamond was one of the first people I contacted when I went public with my research about my mother,
Emma Jane Crunican, who went through the sleep therapy programme in Montreal in the 50's with Ewan Cameron. My mom  showed up in this clip. It has appeared in many different usages but it apparently originated here.she comes in at the 12:08 mark in this clip. she is also in the movie PUSH (2009) and Psychology of Control by James Lane (2013).

Ann came to my house on Vancouver Island in 2014 about 3 months after we internet connected. I met her in person. I know her quirks. The main one is a very skittish nature. You would be talking to her face to face, turn your head to pick up a coffee mug and she would be gone; Not just out of sight- gone. She left me in a coffee shop line up under these exact circumstances. I had the car and more errands to do. I looked everywhere for her. When I came back after my chores and found her where I left her, she said she had found another coffee shop. These quick deke out maneuvers happened at the house too. 

When I discovered the now famous photo of myself here,
Ann was very cool to me. Since I hadn't had much experience with the internet community or research yet, I went to her first as a confident.

So, instead of helping me deal with it, she maligned and blackballed me. She is continuing to do so to this day and so is the Cathy Fox Blog person, now that I requested her to remove my content.

Ann Diamond connected me to Cathy Fox Blog just before I realized her motives and went on the offensive with her over her sly, coy and slandering tactics.
After a year in the survivor community there are multiple incidences of people having had negative associations with Ann Diamond. The main gist of her problem is taking other survivor stories and working them into her material with or without permission.
The biggest joke of all is how she writes about an extremely dysfunctional and sad home, finding evidence of being one of the mkultra Ewen Cameron test subjects in Montreal (both of her books I read are about that) and then she denies it all because there is "no proof" and don't cha know, she is just an effete ne'er do well Can Lit cast off, nothing to see here... well let me be the first to say, there is plenty of proof in the living breathing Ann Diamond herself that she was completely traumatized and mind controlled. The sad conclusion is that she will never break her programming. She does the thing that is soooooo old now, She tries to handle other survivors...

So we have Ann Diamond and Cathy Fox Blog joined by association.

One of our mutual associations thinks that Cathy Fox Blog is Ann Diamond!
Another had her name used on Cathy Fox Blog, fed to her by Ann Diamond, without her permission. 
Ann Diamond's book about Leonard Cohen is climaxed with another TI's story who expressly told her NOT to use the story but she did anyway. 
Ann Diamond & Cathy Fox are a fine pair. 

One thing I have learned since this MKultra research began for me in 2013, the people who are talking, writing, speaking about this subject and say they are not victims ARE FULL OF SHIT!
There is only one reason people are interested in this subject. It is because it relates to them. All altruistic humanitarian explanations are BS.
If you have someone taking action without acknowledging their own programming you have a BIG PROBLEM! The ultimate handler spook. Colin Ross take note!

I have gone on about the anonymous bloggers before. They reprint anonymous articles and have ads and click bait on their sites. They say they are just wanting to help and get the word out.

Well, here is a word from MKultra girl. GF Yourselves.


  1. You are very courageous
    And, i am so proud of you- Ellen

    Very few . put themselves . out on the line
    You do

    Bless you.

    Katherine Marion

    1. Thanks Katherine. You are great! Katherine the Great! suits you.

  2. Ellen,I am not Cathy Fox. Cathy Fox blogs about cases of child abuse that I know nothing about because they are happening in the UK. I subscribe but don't follow it closely. Cathy Fox is a British researcher and writer with an interest in mind control. That's all I know about her.

    Your account of what happened at the coffee shop in Duncan back in the spring of 2014 has little or no relation to what actually happened. If you recall, you were shopping for material for your tiny home, and took me to two or three thrift shops where you sorted through piles of stuff. After two hours of this, I asked you to drop me off at a cafe, so I could write some emails. You drooped me off and drove away without telling me when you'd be back. An hour later you showed up, and we drove back to Sun Lotus Yoga Centre. That's all that happened. And yes, it was a little unnerving because you were very angry for some reason.

  3. Rereading what you've written about me (above) I wonder if it's even worth responding - but since I've been getting notices of Comments from your blog, suggesting someone is reading it, maybe I'll just add:

    Nowhere, ever, have I ever said I am not a MKULTRA victim, or that I wasn't programmed as a child, or suffered lifetime consequences. In fact, I've written whole books about my programming and its consequences -- I don't know how you missed that, but maybe you are focused on your own suffering lately. I have spent much of the last 14 years since I started researching this whole history, with survivors -- who all share similarities and differences that make each of their stories unique and separate. So I don't make any claims of being able to help victims heal - I just encourage anyone who resonates strongly with this secret history to do their own investigating and if possible, to write and blog and share it with others. That's my personal formula, for what it's worth. This subject is huge, and also hidden in plain sight: it's the poisoned culture we live in and we should do whatever we can to understand how and why it got that way. Emotion is fine, and so is anger, but it shouldn't cloud our vision or destroy relationships.

  4. If you could comment back please. I believe this woman is part of a group trying to derail a inquiry into Scottish and English abuse. She is trying hard to discredit a survivor of abuse who runs a charity for survivors. He is also on the official panel of the IICSA and i believe she is trying to discredit him.

  5. Thank you for your comment, Postnein. It is music to my ears. If it is true. I don't understand how people can't see thru this stuff. Why am I the first among survivors to pick out this obvious shill and all the corresponding clues and MOs? I am very glad I can help expose this wench, if what you say is true. I haven't done much other than to make this post to warn others, but I have certainly brought down worse characters than her in my time. She is nothing to me. So, what do you want to do? Firstly, please PM me. I can give you some suggestions. And offer up some more actions. The main thing I want to do is expose this person. What is her real name? That should knock her block off a few pegs. Speaking to other survivors who volunteered their stories to this cracker, Common survivors! Why are you so clueless? After all you have been thru, you still wimper inside a bell jar and pirouette to the faintest smoke screen. Standing by, Postnein. Once again, Thank you.