Saturday, January 7, 2017

MK Ultra Girl - Integration

As threatened, Mk Ultra girl is owning her material in more concise and tangible formats. After a year since MK Ultra Girl Discovery, we are now moving into the Integration phase.

The shock has worn off and many worldly shifts have helped to validate and open portals for furthering the cause of all MK ultra (the programme) vics and revivors.

2017 marks the year when all aeons old lies are revealed. This catalyst will help to wake people up in much the same way as I was last year with discovery of myself as a little girl in a picture meta tagged MK Ultra girl being electrocuted.

More predictions for 2017 include the fall of the Vatican and all Royal Crowns.

2017 also heralds the coming of the long awaited international class action lawsuit against all covert black ops on innocents... (consider yourselves warned)


Live interview with Lance Scurv this Sunday January 8th at 2pm Pacific Standard Time.


Survivor Traps, Nazis, Blood Types, Fallen Angels, Soul Fragmentation, Gangstalking, Reality Shifts, Aliens, Reptiles, Solutions, Ministry and Creator

Ellen Atkin will attempt to explain the far flung concepts that keep us reverting to fear and desperation while under the spell of the programme.

Hot New Musical Release Outro by Hip Hop duo Foreign Policy

Foreign Policy composed this haunting outro using words written by MkUltra Girl to further the message about trauma based mind control and the public/political issue that it is to become in 2017.

Foreign Policy is a hip hop duo from USA & RUSSIA.
From USA side: Adam Afterlife - Vocals, Rhymes, Lyrics.
From RUSSIA side: Masta Shake - Beats & composition.
Debut EP album "Through the Looking Glass" out fall 2016
We have already begun working on the Upcoming LP "BLACK BUDGET POLITICS"


Interview with Elissa Hawke!


  1. That's odd because that original photo was from a medical journal in an article about children in traction.

    1. Thank you for your comment Crackbabble. Yes, I have heard that from one other source within MK circles. As with all these assertions, let's see some proof. Do you have the medical journal? Have you seen it yourself? Are you just repeating something that went around on an MK gawker forum? Why is your profile anonymous? I encourage discussion on this topic. And for the record, I do not have memories of an injury that required me to be in traction.

    2. Interesting and I want to talk privately about my own memories.