I Like to Party; Mosaic Artist; Big Fresh Shrimp; Cycling to Argentina; Cock fights

I couldn't believe this in the middle of nowhere in the Baja Desert, brought back memories I tell ya (long story). And I had dreamt the night before of a geodesic dome! Day 5 on the road from Guerrero Negro was so tiring. I couldn't stay awake. I was road weary. After refusing to pay 100 to 180 pesos to camp, I found this perfect place in town, Baja Mision, for 50 pesos with a very pregnant lady and her daughter running the place. The next morning I took off as usual even though I thought about staying an extra day. As is typical for the area, I headed out into a thick fog. It lasted for hours. I knew Mulege (an oasis at the head of the Bay de Conception) was going to hold something for me. I had heard about it more than once and had decided I would stay there a few days to get over my lag. I arrived about 1pm and met a cool family from WA who already knew Party Marty, who offered to guide us to some free local camping. The spot wasn't very good because it happened to be party central until 4 am. That evening I met a couple of sisters from Saskatchewan at the palapa restaurant “El Patron”, on the beach. I knew it. Before the day was through I would be drinking margaritas by the beach and voila, there I was. So Marty was the catalyst. He has been the point man the whole time I've been here, taking us boating, inviting us to parties, riding on his quad, four wheeling, meeting people, drinks, food. L to R: La Mision old Church in Mulege; Pelican on our boat trip with Marty; Partying with Marty; Marty and the fishing; Stacey, me, Janice and Angela. The sisters had an unfortunate incident with their host gotten from couchsurfing.com, this fat stupid ugly guy named telephone Bill. Turns out he was jealous of Marty who was having a good time with us. He ended up leaving in a huff and when the girls got back he had turfed their stuff on the front porch. Just an old fat, ugly, drunken American acting like a spoiled brat. The next night we met back at the palapa beach hut for a birthday party of some locals who we didn't know at all. We were the fillers. The party extras. There we met Stacy and John who are riding a tandem bike from Washington state to Argentina! They invited the girls to stay on the floor of the villa they had rented and so we all ended up there. Now my mission is to drive them and the other touring guy, Andrew and the bikes to La Paz. We are leaving Monday and they are paying for gas. That makes me happy and I am glad to be of service since I am staying and making use of the villa for now. BIG FAT SHRIMP Marty has been feeding me shrimp caught fresh off the boat here but of course, I don't like the way he prepares them. If anyone knows me they know that I am very fussy about my food. I am a gourmet and like things done right and enjoy good wine. So I finally bought 2 kilos of fresh myself and split them with the house here and had a meal to die for. I didn't want any detraction from the shrimp, so I only prepared a salsa, a jicama and celery salad, Stacey did the guacamole, chopped local green olives, fresh tortillas and big fat shrimp. We had no barbeque and no broiler so I took a chance and turned the oven on high and put them all in a baking dish and just kept turning them until they were just done, not over done which is so often the way. If you can imagine about 20 of the biggest fattest juiciest shrimp ever on your plate, then you have it. We also cracked the wine I bought at a local vineyard on the way down from Tecate, a $20.00 bottle of Merlot and Cab Sauv. Blend. I was in heaven. If I could eat like that every night I would be so happy. MOSAIC ARTIST MARIA EGGLESTON Today we went to the home of a very talented mosaic artist named Maria Eggleston. It was an ideal location with a view of the ocean and mosaics everywhere. She started on her own without any instruction in 2000 and can take up to 6 months of full time work to finish a 2.5 ft x 6 ft concrete slab. I have to say it is the most detailed and intricate mosaic I have ever seen. It is also very pretty. She doesn't use a pattern or design or pre-drawing. She simply starts and goes. She is a full time Mexican Citizen who has lived here for 30 years but is originally from Germany. I am now representing her work. Please contact me for more information on acquiring or commisioning one of these pieces. COCK FIGHTS Unbidden, Marty drove me to his friends to get some oranges which happened to be an actually cock farm. Okay jokes over. Well, if you wanted to see some beautiful roosters in the most well care for and clean conditions, great. Too bad it weren't all a tribute to the cult of death. They also had a caged spider monkey who was communicating to me quite clearly how distressed she was. Her baby was in the cage beside her. I didn't have good dreams that night. I LIKE TO PARTY and get fat Okay, maybe I am done with the indulgences. Pretty close. I was so swept away with activities and food that my first batch of sprouts went bad! Tomorrow I harvest the wheat grass. I will wait till I get to the beach to start another batch. I still have the goal of six pack abs and I think I will quit drinking for a while in La Ventana. I have promised my friend Maury Power, I will try kiteboarding. Most likely I will stay on the road and keep up this lifestyle rather than renting a place. Things are working out with the van. It has its advantages. Cheers to me for having left another brutal Northern Winter. So much for global warming. Forget Saskatchewan ever warming up. Damn, I thought we might get some use out of it.


Gorgeous pre-Xmas sky in Mexico!

Wonderful delights to look upon ... Prettiest pictures to warm the soul and the most lovely mosaic to inspire the creative juices.

Thank you, lovely eater of Giant Shrimp and appreiciator of fine wines.

May your stocking be full and your heart overflowing, this and every holiday season.



ellen j. atkin said…
oh Katherine: happy holidays to you too. I don't celebrate them at all. makes life so much better. thanks as always for you warm wishes and glad tidings. say hi to Kaelin for me.
Ellen Atkin said…
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