On the Master Cleanse

Day 16 of the Master cleanse. How did I get this far? I didn't even want to do it, but my friends were pushing me so I joined up. Now I am the only one left on it. The last few days have been very good for me. Steady energy and lots of clarity. But I was up and down before that. During this cleanse, I have done 2 coffee enemas, 2 colonics (hydrotherapy), three ioncleanse foot baths and lots of herbs to dislodge the crud in my gut. I have lost about 10 lbs and my skin looks great. My face is so much clearer. My joints are so loosy goosy. Little pains that are always there when I turn a certain way are gone or going away. I am sleeping like a baby. I am resolved to keep going as long as I can. I don't have much worry about eating because my results are making me so happy. I can see how one can become a cleansing fanatic. I am still volunterring at Angels Health Institute in Oregon. While here I have photographed more stuff, rewritten the website, recreated almost all the support materials, plotted out the calendar, booked several tours and lots more. This is very meaningful to me because I believe so much in what Ken & Peggy are doing here. It is also a perfect place to detox and recreate yourself. But I am missing my home. Vancouver is so great right now. I can just feel it. Soon enough, I will be there. Probably mid August. These pics show my progress. The top one with Kevin & Annmarie Gianni floored me. I hadn't realized how fat I had become.