My Cold War by Ann Diamond
"On a day in the spring of 1956, my parents dressed my brother and me in brand new outfits, my mother put on makeup and her best, camel-hair coat, and we all went for a drive in the countryside near Montreal. We took along our puppy, Smokey, wrapped in a blanket in case he peed on the seats of our new car. Not long before, my father had agreed to enroll me in a special program, whose directors were very interested in bright little girls like me." 

So begins Ann Diamond's terrifying tale of growing up in Canada during the Cold War -- an era when secrecy ran rampant, ruining careers and lives. This is the true story of one family caught in a dangerous web of deception. Ann Diamond is an award-winning Canadian writer.

Click the image to download the book or buy a hard copy. I loved this book. I was actually jealous that Ann had done so much research into her obscure childhood. She had in effect done what I have wanted to do regarding my mother and father and my family but never did.  Not yet anyway. 

I don't feel jealous any more. This book, connecting with Ann and others who have been a part of this program, has opened up my shadowy past without having any real revelations about my specific queries answered simply because Ann had the courage to open up about her dark history. I feel that whatever I may encounter in my newly enthused quest I will be able to handle. I tip my hat to Ann for being that lone beacon of truth in a time where the darkness was most felt. Thank you Ann.