The Ever Expanding Empire - Aerial Photography

Clip_3I might of predicted that I would be mantraing, “I am who I am; Not who the world wants me to be,” hearting with my fingers on two hands in front of my body and declaring, I love my life, after a fitness/yoga class. Emphasis on the fitness.

Things have changed here on the mainland. A whole generation of new directives has emerged into the socio-economic arena. Not the least being my new truck. The saga is a bit too much to bear here, suffice to say, it is my third trade in in under a year, kinda like goldilocks.

Why does buying a new vehicle have to be like that? There is something profoundly wrong with the car business, is all I can say. Order takers. The kicker is that young Ryan knew that I really wanted a truck, when I didn’t, at the first upgrade at GM. So first they took Ryans leads away, then they fired him. Really awesome. And I got ol’ bait and switch glamour boy.

The second dealer should of known better. Yes I upgraded my vehicle and got way better value for what I was paying but IT WASN'T FOR WHAT I TOLD THEM I WANTED TO DO! My fault of course. I had to threaten to give the car back to ford credit at the third dealer to get them to finance me for the truck.. Sooo, I will be paying 50 grand for a $24K dollar truck. ( I thought I was getting a deal at $26,500). Alas. Thanks Ford.

IMG_7888The Island felt like living on the moon. Slightly isolating and unforgiving. But I conquered it. The last 2 weeks camping at Campbell Lake were the best, if not fraught with a few mis-encounters, 2 exactly. The flat tire led me to the new truck and I didn’t miss my appointment and I did it all myself. The diaspora was something else: I came home to the campsite one day to find a couple with 2 dogs had moved in on me. After about an hour I argued them off. Poor Tabu was spooked 60ft up a tree! She came down in the morning the moment I resolved in my mind to go to the media with the old cat up a tree story. Otherwise it was paradise. I love nature.

It is almost too easy being back here in the valley. New bike, new truck, new trailer on the way, new canopy, new 60ft. AERIAL TELESCOPIC MAST! Yes, you heard right. Next comes the hot head (that’s what they call them in Spain), the rotating, tilting, remote Camranger.

Clip_4As well as shooting aerials – which of course, I do, because you only need to look at my website that has thousands of amazing aerial images uploaded covering much of BC, Alberta and Sask; The orders collection only represents a fraction of my actual sales; And the best gallery in that gallery is the display aerials – As well as using the 60ft. Aerial Telescopic Mast for my business, I am going to start making movies.

This is something natural for photographers to switch over to, but for me, it is a little different because I am going to make documentary films that will change the world. Oh wait, no, exactly the same.

The drone report might never get written. The drone site is nixed. Basically, my research and partnering reinforced what I am already doing and made me realize that I am actually at the beginning, not the end of my industry, so thanks. The rest of the pieces will fall where they may.

I will mention that I was horrified to learn that the “drone” industry is based on the most undignified, cowardly form of soldiering. Most drone attack victims are innocent people and children. Regular people in the attack site of the US are used as targets to keep the war machine alive and justify the take over of Silicon Valley with defense contractors where billions of bloated black budgets are fed after the banksters took all the money off Main street onto Wall street in 2008. It is only a matter of time before these ghouls are put to rest.

I see the real future of civilian UAVs as the prototype for human air transport devises, that will be navigated by magnetic lines of the earth, while being 3D printed and powered by quantum energy.

I have 2 secret location shoots planned for the Valley before I head up to Smithers for 2 to 3 fifths of the summer. So, if you want to get in on any of these shoots, better call me now.

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