Attack of Conscious: The New Silent Majority – Canada Wins!

Okay Okay Okay.. I get it. I love christian conservatives. They are the best people. So, shouldn't I be warning them? Nah, they get it. Harper went too far and insulted them too, finally. Just as I predicted, he would put the nail in his own coffin. Last stop for him: BBQ with the Ford brothers in Toronto. What an appropriate way to end a totally backhanded ding ball campaign.

In 2001, Harper was given a majority government by 18% of eligible voters. Strategies to defeat him have all the pundits pulling their hair out: Vote strategically, Anyone but Harper, release the Kraken. Problem is, voting strategically is an inexact science. Most of it is based on the last election. Things have changed. Nobody wants Trudeau's liberals. Right, lets try that failed experiment one more time. We are not prepared to sell out our country so Justin can make his dead father proud. Nope, Canadians will RELEASE THE KRAKEN!

Things have changed, here's how.

  1. The get out and vote campaign is working. 9,251,160 people (39%) didn't vote in 2011. That is more than any party got. Okay, we get it. Over 3 million at the advance polls.
  2. Social media allows for way more information, talking points, instant refutes and individual engagement: totally different playground.
  3. Canadians don't like being underestimated, talked down to, or told what to do. We put up with a lot, but in the end, we don't give a shit about mind control programming, vaporous attempts to control us, or the secret shadow government behind the scenes.
  4. We all enjoy a good “that is what you get” outcome; Sticking it to the man.

So, in the same vein that the christian conservatives were pleased to be addressed (albeit deceptively) by Harper, today's voter is pleased to be addressed as rational, sane, optimistic, hopeful, understanding, compassionate, humanistic, intelligent, talented, capable, respectable, clear, calm and happy. And who are those people? All of us. Instead of dividing us, this election has done the opposite.

The only brilliant leader to stay on point with these qualities is Elizabeth May. Mulcair skirts the edges but still pays hegemony to the old guard. So, my original predictions of an NDP and Green house looks like it will become a reality.

The polls mean shit. Doom and gloom is not inevitable, it is a choice. Who in their right mind would not vote themselves a better life? What game play would be so successful to convince a person to vote themselves a life of drudgery, confinement and predictability? I trust the veil is lifting.

In the words of my great grandfather, Robert Atkin, who was elected the mayor of Malden Township in Ontario for 40 years over a century ago, “ A man would be a damn poor shit ass, couldn't raise his own salary.” Thank you Eugene Whelan for the quote.

As much as I want the future now, I am conservatively, suggesting Mulcair take the helm while engaging the Greens on policy. No more TTPs, (it's not about trade, it is about control), investment in clean energy, guaranteed income (eliminating all the wretched social programs) and most of all proportional representation for the next election, so we never go through this again. I wouldn't want May to get knocked off by the pissed off, loosing their grip, shadow government, so let Mulcair stand in for a while.

The Liberals and the Conservatives will get their noses rubbed in their own shit. As they should. If 100% of the voters vote, then we can guess the missing 39% won't be voting conservative. Even at 18% the conservatives have lost at least half of that support base. So 9% is not much to worry about overcoming. This leaves the door wide open for voting with your conscious.

So, who to vote for? Vote whoever you want. Vote strategically or vote from your conscious. I'm not going to tell you what to do. But I can tell you we have braved the storm and the outcome is glorious. Let the sunshine in. Yes, Canada!

Ellen Atkin
copyright October, 15, 2015