Flipping the Crony Coin. Conservative for Liberal. Hard Lesson for Canada.

Whoah Nellie... when I said don't vote for Harper, I didn't mean, vote for Justin! Augh. Looks like the faded jaded crowd of Ontario hipsters are diggin' the dude. My generation must have forgotten what a decade of federal liberalism was like and the newbies think one well spoken good looking guy is going to make them feel good about not understanding history.

Over 20 years as a westerner have drained the liberal out of me, not that there was ever much there. In grade 6 our class did mock elections and I was the NDP candidate. Even though I gave the best speech, the results of our election exactly mirrored the real election. Lesson number 1.

Not much has changed in Ontario, I see. Reports from insiders suggest that everyone is either on disability or trying to get on it. Plus, in every public building there are notices urging people to get their mental health checked out. The mental health crutch holds up my old high school friends and what is left of my natal family. Need more proof, look around.

So, now the new maddened and frothing at the bit crowd is on Justin's bandwagon. They can't even take a jab on twitter. At least the cons are used to it.

Unbeknownst to most Canadians, the world is turning despite their coke bottle view points. We are no longer under the rule of Empire or the Church. It is not a scary place out there at all. It is a great place. Finally, the powers that were are being exposed and sent packing. The real work of leaders has started to take effect.

13 European countries have now banned GMOs. Italy is rolling out the first national free energy program using the Keshe Foundation technology. Russia smacked down ISIS is under a week.

World wide, the veil is lifting. Canadians, however, didn't get the memo. That is why I say that any divergence from implementing a straight ahead clean energy, new paradigm economy with a proportional representation government will result in a marked upset, direct confrontation with the will of the aware and the will of the not so aware within a short amount of time. Call it civil war without the guns, call in an insurrection, I call it.

With less than 24 hrs to go to put a door stop in Justin's frenzy, I must admit, I focused too much on relieving Harper. Justin will not repeal any of Harper's draconian legislation. His party voted for all of it. He is already courting the pipeline lobbyists. And his supporters have already called for my arrest by suggesting that his election will result in an insurrection. Funny how Justin voted for Harper's secret police bill. Makes you wonder.

If all the liberal party has going for it is Justin Trudeau, don't say I didn't warn you.


ellen atkin said…
watch my predictions come true, as all the other ones so far... but, I will stop a civil war or insurrection... at least try to... first step is warning.. for now though, lets enjoy the party. I have to get back to work. I don't get paid for my activism.