The Final Showdown: Unveiling the Program

It has become apparent that no amount of rational debate, fact pulling or history dredging will sway the dyed in the wool conservative voter. You may find yourself in a heated debate reciting the same talking points, agreeing on fact, differing in perception. What kind of war are we fighting? What are we up against? The answer belongs in the realm of good versus evil, God versus Satan, right versus wrong. We are reduced now to this simple equation. Let's proceed.

I speak from personal experiences, various and numerous. Over the last 10 years I have managed to support myself, albeit marginally, by shooting & selling aerial photographs. My largest support base are dairy farmers in BC. At least half of them are christian conservative. They have taught me a lot and I appreciate them for all they have given me. Indeed, they have accepted me more than the agnostic, avant-guard, liberal art world I grew up around ever did.

They have all that I lack, close family & friends, spiritual community, earth & animal connection, land, holdings, homes, the list goes on. Yet they see the light in me and I reflect back the light in them. I am but a lone wolf in the desert compared to them.

God has a funny way of showing us our purpose. Mine now is to reveal the insidious deception of perception that has invaded us from the inside out. The greatest tools of control lie within the gut, not the brain or the heart. Fear clenches our guts. Fear of losing connections to generations of familial, spiritual and community support and majority rule is behind the apparent disconnect of the christian conservative voter.

I often enter deep conversations with my clients. They show grace at all times despite my dark subject matters. Most of them know how lucky they are and give thanks for the insulation farming has given them from the twisted urban distopian dream that most of us chase after.

They identify with Stephen Harper not because he is one of them - he is not - but because he has targeted them for support and done a good job of it. Many of them don't know he is from Toronto, not Calgary, or that he was a young liberal headed for ivy league elitism when an inexplicable turn put him in the only real job he has ever had, mail room clerk for Imperial Oil in Edmonton. The rest, as they say, is history.

My mentally damaged sister is applying for mail room clerk jobs right now. My brother can't do that because he is dead. My mother couldn't work. She was too incapacitated from doctor prescribed tranqs, anti depressants and later, anti psychotics. She never recovered from the sleep therapy and trauma based mind control programming she received, using shock treatments and other methods, administered by Dr. Ewen Cameron and other doctors and nurses, some of whom are now venerated, at Mcgill University, Royal Victoria Hospital, Allen Memorial Institute in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, in the mid fifties.

My father exhibited psychosis in his mid teens in Windsor, Ontario. Someone led him to St. Peter's seminary in London Ontario in hopes of him “fitting in” as he often put it. This led to a nervous breakdown and hospitalization at a psyche ward in either London or Windsor, Ontario in the late '40s or early 50's. At some point he went to the mental hospital in St. Thomas, Ontario as well. Assumption College at the University of Western Ontario proved to be his anchor. He graduated with honors in English and Philosophy in 1953. He completed his MA at the University of Toronto in 1960. He went on to reach his only attainable career height, High School English Teacher.

When he married my mother in 1959 he was at his first teaching job at the College Militaire in St. Jean sur Richelieu, Quebec. My sister and I were born there. My parents had a 3 month courtship. Their marriage was horrible. They were at war with each other constantly. He was abusive at all levels.

In July 2013 my mother showed up in an infowars produced movie, called “State of Mind – the Psychology of Control”. There is a video clip of her lying on an operating table fearfully looking around for help as the electrodes descend on her forehead. No amount of emails to the producers received a reply as to where this clip came from. It was clearly got out of the US, not Canada. For those not in the know, the CIA got wind of the barbaric practices of this Health Canada funded hospital and swooped in with further funding and collaboration. The project was MKULTRA. The movie has since been re edited and my mothers clip cut out, but you can still find the original version on line if you dig deep enough.

the insets are clues, not necessarily facts

Just the other day, I found this picture on a random internet site dubiously titled something like, ten fun facts about government mind control... That is me. I don't remember any of it, but I wasn't supposed to (read memory erased). The dots, however, have been screaming for connection my whole life.

This, my friends, is what being old stock Canadian, really means; Not good people of the earth standing up and being counted, but 8th generation Canadian families used as guinea pigs since the take over. Children of military, lost souls, street kids, wanna be revolutionaries, orphans and natives make up just a fraction of the survivors now coming forward, remembering. Some of us managed to function, others not so much. In any case, the program is a failure. You can not kill the human spirit.

You can count Stephen Harper and Justin Trudeau amoung these survivors. Trudeau is so obvious, I wont even go into it. His heritage speak volumes. I will expect his family to help him through this, but Harper's mask is mine to be revealed. I think he was in the program with me. We are bonded on a spiritual level. I lucid dream about him frequently. He considers me his ally, at least until I wake up in the dream to confront him. Now he is just weary. He draws on my good nature to console him as much as I train myself not to. And now, at the final stages, after countless email entreaties, faxed warnings, @pmharper tweets, it is war. Steve, wake the f&*k up. You only stand to lose your soul.

Now, we are all survivors of the program. Since those early days of Frankenstein experiments on my parents, myself and undoubtedly my sister, the program has gone super nova. It has permeated every aspect of society, both physically, through poisoned food and water and etherically through EMF waves, TV, cell phones, electronic weapons, HAARP, and god knows what else.

It is time to lift the veil, pull back the curtain, confront the real enemy – some perverted pedophile Satan worshipers in England who gave the Nazis all their great ideas. Canada is nothing but a holding pen for energy sucking English elites who still control this country down to the Westminster parliamentary system we have not replaced since inception. That is why if your party is not for proportional representation then they are either drinking the kool aid or willingly deceivers.

Given all I have just revealed, I can't be certain if I am feeding the wolf or trapping it. Time will tell. You must use your own discernment. You must find your own pathway to God.

However the process takes place, gradually through an NDP/ Liberal/ Green alliance or suddenly by a Green majority/ NDP opposition. Whatever way, the cat is out of the bag, the elephant has left the room, the emperor is wearing no clothes. This is it folks: the grand deception the prophesies warned us about, whether you believe it or not.

Myself, I am tired of being marginalized and would like some of the baksheesh all these politicos enjoy, never got by me or my family for our troubles. We were poor and I have struggled my whole life. Nonetheless, I am proud of who I am and I am proud of my country. Our country.

It is ours for the taking. Other countries are taking back their sovereignty from the banksters, from corporatocracy, from the Nazionists. For once in our time, can Canada do something that matters on the world stage? Can we recognize ourselves as united and humanitarian? Can we be strong, free and most of all brave? If I can stand up and let all this shit drip off, then so can the farmers (my long dead grandparents) and everyone else. God bless us all on October 19th, 2015.

Ellen Atkin
copyright October 10, 2015.

Any information regarding this subject matter, both personal to me and to the unveiling of the program in general is greatly encouraged. Please contact me at or call 778 552-1299. In addition, donations are gratefully accepted to further the research and study on this subject matter. The future of the western world depends not on your silence, but on coming forth.
Thank you, Ellen Atkin


Ann Diamond said…
Ellen, this is an excellent post. I'm not sure if that's really you in the photo but it could be. All we know for certain is that children were used in MKULTRA and many of us are walking around unaware of our involvement. Sometimes it's better not to remember -- those who do are sometimes overwhelmed and forced to relive the trauma. However as a society we need to wake up and start protecting our children!