The Murder of Time, Making and Unmasking a Sleeper by Matthew Pauly - Book Review what point will the flood of recall, testimony and understanding by so called "survivors" of the so called "programme" tip over into the matrix?

NOW.. Matthew Pauly's book provides powerful blow back to a dark agenda that has infiltrated all of our lives.

Finally the time is right for test subjects (survivors) in this most insidious twisted plot to be believed.

You will have to re order all of your perceptions of the world around you while you read Matthew's book. DO IT.

This book is NOT FICTION, but has adversarial tension of the same class as Thor and Loki.

An ethereal battle echoed through the ages, brought front and centre into our current timeline, is The Murder of Time, Making and Unmasking a Sleeper.

You will laugh, you will cry, you will not be the same, ever again after reading this book.

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Bravo Matthew, your courage, determination and sacrifice can not be underestimated

Ellen Atkin, a.k.a.: Mk Ultra Girl


Matthew Anon said…
That's a great encouragement and help, thank you Ellen!