Blasting the Matrix to Hell
Ellen goes solo while Laura goes AWOL for Blasting the Matrix to Hell. Cracking the cosmic egg AGAIN with NEW information for ultras. What does an activated Ultra mean? It is NOT being triggered by the programme. It is the reverse.

Many techniques for reverse targeting are present in this talk, taken largely from the paper called MERRY CHRISTMAS AMERICA 2013. FROM THE U.S. NAVY, SPECIAL OPERATIONS - DISCLOSURE ON TECHNOLOGIES AND APPLICATIONS BEING USED AGAINST AMERICAN TARGETED INDIVIDUALS. One addendum - add CANADIAN too. Thanks Don and Tim.

An ultra is triggered by the programme. An ultra is activated by your own consciousness using your super powers and creating your own expressions. Listen to Ellen break every preconceived notion about time, space, akashic records, psychics, lost time, soul identity and memory.

The best use of your activated ultra powers now is to reverse target the perps.  Let the matrix play for the fools while we do the real work of prime creators.

Proving that the time jumping techniques are working, Ellen explains why most of the memories are missing from the akashic records and why psychics can't pick up on that and lead you astray with their interpretations.

More back history of Ellen Atkin as a child prodigy turned scapegoated target by her own family members in unknowingness. How being sane, accomplished, and unaltered by drugs is not enough to escape "the programme".

Media mogul baron, Ellen Atkin coins the term SMANK for the first time. The monitors didn't like that because, Colleen our host, got booted off the net when Ellen termed her own unrecognized demographic - single middle aged no kids. Take that Marshall McCluhan.

Updates on the progress of the Living Centres for Healing and Deprogramming in British Columbia Canada and Washington State.

Contact information for Ellen Atkin's material and Laura Cross.

Get on board the freedom train. Ultras go active.