Monday, July 17, 2017

Fake News - What it Truly Is

FAKE NEWS! - The latest, look over there, something shiny MK slide.

This Mk Ultra Girl grew up with a father whose hero/ guru/ colleague was Marshall McLuhan. Whenever us kids responded to an ad we had seen or heard, my father was quick to slam dunk our wish to believe whatever they were trying to sell. Nothing was free. Nothing was true. Media itself is a lie. The medium is the message.

In grade 5 (which would have been grade 4 for everyone else, since I skipped it), we were tasked with an assignment to write a project on a famous person. I picked Marshall McLuhan, since my Dad knew him. My Dad loved this idea since it would draw him closer to his idol.

There I was, some weeks later, sitting in our car beside Marshall McLuhan in the back seat of our family car. I asked him, "why are you famous?"

Silence. He stared straight ahead while I sat right beside him and he did not answer me. Interview was over. I do remember, however, that a very negative, dark energy gripped the whole car while he pulled this stunt on me.

My opinion now?: he was a satanic high priest of the Jesuit order and he was, in fact, showing me and telling me why he was famous. They are required to tell you what they are doing in order to gain your consent right? That is what MM was doing, IMO.

I am sure that won't go over well with the it crowd of LLL (liberal, lefty, luciferian) metrosexual ad execs and illuminated literati of Canada. Did that ever stop me?

ANYWAY.. back to nowadays.. Fake news is and has always been, fake news. It is all fake. I thought you knew that.

Truth in Advertising - fake. It is a joke. No such thing. Ever.
Honor among Thieves - fake. Bertolt Brecht wrote the line in sarcasm.
The Revolution will not be Televised - fake. see truth in Advertising.

Handy Tips to get your facts straight:

Do not dismiss any news site/ publication for useful information. Even the most discredited source can have the nugget you were looking for in it.

Do not blindly accept any news source to give you the truth because they are a) well paid, b) a large corporation, c) connected to the government, d) commonly trusted professionals (doctors, lawyers... ) You get the picture.

Conclusion: You have been fooled all along. Now you are being fooled again with Fake News! I have seen info illiterates decry "fake news!" on FB like it's the new battle cry of redemption. It is getting more obvious, but what is obvious to those who never sought the truth in the first place? You must be seeking the truth, otherwise, you are just a pawn in the Media game in the medium.

Problem is, most people, do not want to hear the truth, especially from the people who know it. They all want it to come from the fake real to be believed. If you can't/won't do it, they will do it for you, is their motto. The left does this all the time to grassroots political movements. This is the essence of co intel pro. counter opposition, lateral aggression, THE JOKE IS OVER! THE GAME IS OVER!



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  2. ONE QUESTION: What was the year of your father's birth? Did he speak French? Was he living in Quebec at the time?

    The teenaged boy in the wheelchair was photographed at St Michel Archange hospital in Quebec City in the late 1940s. This crippled boy would have been born in the early or mid 1930s and may have been a Duplessis orphan. He may have had epilepsy or some other neurological disease. Your father appears to be in his twenties or early thirties and there is a definite resemblance but what was he doing in a Quebec hospital as a child or adolescent? Mengele spoke French -- as did the doctors. What would be the reason for sending a disabled child to Quebec when Ontario had its own hospitals?

  3. You will have to wait for the book.