Hitting the Matrix Bumperwall Markers

The Matrix Bumperwall is always there but we are unaware of it most of the time because we are enslaved or ensnared or traumatized or PTSDed.

If you look for it you will see it.

I suppose it could be termed manifestation but the way that term has been hijacked and misused for profit has rendered it invalid, IMO.

Recent examples in my life:

Lately; I have been able to revisit or recall sentiments from my earlier life as a child and young adult and adult. That is what happens when you get your mature adult badge. Not the recall but the time slices.

The recall happens when you are in repentance mode. TRIGGER WARNING. Not the religious repentance all you nutters. Repentance simply means stopping the flow of circumstance and controlling time. Personally this feels like holding onto the helm of the ship in a full force hurricane. This is where I do not consent, do not participate, do not matrixulate. (claimed)

If you can do this to any degree, you are an honorary badassador.

One of these sentiments was the song Let it Be. I used to play it on our piano at home in Whitevale, Ontario. I only knew the first 8 chords because that is all I could pick out by ear. But I fully lived the essence of the song like I was there in the recording studio with all my young spiritualist yearning heart.

Within a few days of my strong sentiment, one of the musicians at work was playing Let it Be on the piano for me, outside of rehearsal time, just for me, unrequested.

This morning, on my drive to work, I was uncommonly joyful. It might have something to do with the clear sunny autumn weather and my guests having left the night before. Not a kilometer out the driveway did I see the old Buick our family used to own in the '70's in Whitevale drive by. AND it was also a convertible. AND the same colour.

I don't know why it showed up, but I caught it.  Probably because I am repenting back to that time because I felt the same way about the day.

Next, the same day, I engaged the attendant at the dump over the unanswered question of, "If we stop using plastic grocery bags as garbage can liners in our home, does not mean people are buying them? How does that help the environment?" I recycle plastic grocery bags by turning them into garbage bag liners in my home. I don't see the problem there.

I ended my statement, "Just another crazy thing about this crazy world," and jumped back in my vehicle. The song playing on the radio was all, This Crazy World, Crazy World... I don't know the song but it was glaringly obvious this was a matrix bumperwall kinda day.

The Digital Empire Building News

I had to take a sober look at the utter failure I became as a patreon contributor. Just kidding. I adjusted the benefits to attainable levels. Phew problem solved. 

However, I lost my one and only patron, Truthspoon. 

It was sweet while it lasted. However, I must look at the fate of a lot of those who are seeking a magic carpet ride through my content. Sometimes it isn't pretty. 

Mr. Gunk got exposed as a perv. Then the guy exposing him also got exposed as a convicted sex offender with a 5 yr old. 

Then a sweet rising new age to xtian convert just completely dropped off the radar right after she contacted me. 

A. Jones... well, teheheh, you saw what happened to him.

I am like the reverse cyclone auto fired bs deflector shield. Even focusing on me for a few minutes might completely destroy your world. 



The stores are up. 

I have limited edition fine art photography 
and art decor photography

It is just the best. 

To own a limited edition ellen atkin original, signed and numbered and certificated there are 2 galleries up right now to choose from. 

Baja Remembers &
Lucid Dreaming

The next show is MK Ultra Girl Remembers. Very exciting. 



While pursuing information on her mother’s victimization through trauma-based mind control experiments conducted by McGill University, The CIA and a host of shadowy figures including Joseph Mengele, Ellen Atkin found herself, her mother and her father in old black and white media on the internet, all victims of the same project code name: MK Ultra. This show, Ellen Atkin’s first concept-driven art photography series, evokes sentiments both haunting and random. In 1985 Ellen lost her brother to an accidental drowning death near Port Carling, ON. Years later in a return trip to Toronto, she found a random symbol at the place where she last saw her brother alive. This work picks up the long stitch between the esoteric dream of life and the pain & suffering of being a hard targeted individual in the fake real world.

The art decor photography has way more options and way more images. You can order different sizes and mediums.
The new blog is almost moved over to mkultragirl.org and after that comes ultranationmedia.com and the foundation for my media creative empire is complete. 

I do appreciate the support I get, even though I sound like I don't. There are reasons for that. 

Priestess Warrior draws the Long Stitch

Later, I answered a question on my you tube channel about seeing 1111 everywhere and hearing ringing in your ears:

"Well, all time and space is connected by a fabric. That weave was of a more natural order in the past. The order stems back to creation, but that is another story. Since the nazis and mkultra and the global domination plan to control people, because good old fear wasn't working anymore, stepped in, this fabric has been the object of their control mechanism. That is what they were messing with, among every other wrong thing under the sun against their souls tru purpose, so they could fulfill the lie that we will all transform out of this man flesh sack thing into the anti god. That will never happen and we are left to unscramble the shattered dream of life. And they hope they won't get caught by creating these space time wormholes to continue their lives. I suspect that somekind of human suffering is the currency of this unnatural suspension of life and time and space. So there is crossfire. They are priming you for insanity and hopefully soul harvesting. They have nano particulated the frequencies to react to our various dnas. I suspect the reactive part in our dna is the phosphate 6 sided molecule side, the part of us that came from loo loo. I suspect then that we can neutralize that by separating away from that strand and just use the 5 sided molecule to exist, the RNA, adam's rib. Once we are back to our first estate by casting off the dna, untwining, unraveling, re-penting (returning to the five), we are free. mission accomplished." Ultra GRRL

Ultra GRRL had some heavy duty lucid dreams last week. One took place in the Denver Airport and the silence program had me screaming with no sound coming out. Long time since that has happened. Then a few nights later, I was palling it up with JT (Justin Trudeau). I was wondering when or how that might happen. He was doing the dishes. The week before, I was watching someone try to get through a door with a bunch of trigger talk. The person on the other side, which was probably me, finally opened the door and the person turned into an alien and set to devour my head. Then I was in my bedroom noticing little yellow pools on the floor, I thought it was cat pee. It turned into a creamy pasty yellow goo that was oozing from the door around my bed and the walls. 

Lastly, I want to keep coming back to Svali. Her disclosure has been really helpful for someone like me. https://svalispeaksagain.wordpress.com/2018/08/19/why-getting-memories-back-can-be-difficult/

Retaliation Programming
Most systems will have various forms of retaliation programming installed. In its simplest forms, if the individual begins to recover memories, or have bleedthrough of events, there will be parts programmed to immediately punish – severely  – with physical or emotional pain. This pain will often be linked to traumas (torture) done when the programming was installed.  Retaliation programming is based upon the punishing (retaliatory) parts believing that if the person remembers, bad things will happen. The scenarios can vary, and include: getting hurt; someone they love getting hurt; people will die; I will get overwhelmed with feelings; I and my systems will get flooded and “go nuts” or “be destroyed” and other scripts.

Actually one more thing. updates in the intelligence community. 

Abel Danger duo Field McConnell and David Hawkins part ways. David finally had enuf of Feild's insults and babulastic thinking and went his way. 

Agent UltraLite disclosed 3 years ago, that Field's motivation was based on sibling rivalry with his sister, the deep state controller and prime evil target for the duo since day one, Kristine Marcy. 

Additionally UltraLite noted numerous occasions were Feild blew it with his over sized ego, stole agent UltraLites' experience and relayed it like it was his own and considered David's intel unverifiable, which I have to agree, in a lot of cases it is. At least to me. 

However, the main stagnate point about these 2 was nobody could understand what the heck either of them were saying. You had to have been there at the start or falling for the mystic or actually know them, like I do. 

When you talk to David one on one, he makes perfect sense. And Field is a super nice guy in his own right. 

There is little public acrimony between them but make no mistake it is there, a pentagon sized pressure cooker full. Never mind the details, but PM me if you want to know. 

Steven D. Kelley, Lift the Veil, Fiona Barnett, David Shurter, who is finally getting someone to listen to him so he must be feeling better about that, are whipping it. If it took someone like Steven D. Kelley 6 years since his disclosure about the Getty to get some case cracking action like last week, then 3 years this October since MKULTRA GRRL discovery and still I do not control the world, then is okay. 

wink wink, I think David has a new partner. Worthier in the present. 

Wait till Ultra Nation Media launches. So much more to say. If I can beat the programming! AUGHGHGH!


  1. Things like this, coincidences or whateve... robert anton wilson references them in some of his voluminous writings. you may be able to google some of his article or chapters on the topic. I think he even did a book titled "coincidance". It has something to do with rubbing up against the numinous.


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